Spring Term 2023

Our Spring Term public courses have just opened for booking! You could start 2023 off with the intention to prioritise your creativity and wellbeing; learn how to quieten the external noise and deepen your concentration, whilst progressing your drawing skills.

Read our Spring highlights below…

Spring Term Public Courses

Mon 16th January – Sat 25th March 2023

Lohrey_Shana (16)

Drawing by Shana Lohrey

New courses

By Drawing the Figure online, we can learn how, fascinatingly, our contemporary devices, screens and cameras, echo a way of working that leads back to renaissance times and artists inventions that required single-eyed vision of the spatial 3D world, observed and viewed through flat glass planes and perspective frames.

If you would like to expand your creative practice and create a body of work for personal focus, enjoyment or applications in the arts sector, join Portfolio Preparation: Drawing and Materials where you will be mentored by two professional artists.

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Garfield_Isabel (5)

Drawing by Isabel Garfield

Shoreditch & Out-of-house 

Are you interested in Drawing: Costume, Opera and the Stage? Our course begins with visits to the National Theatre, Royal Festival Hall and Apsley House, a theatrical experience in and of itself. Then in the studio, drawing clothed models, music will play, dancers will dance, and the stage will be set.

What makes a drawing a portrait? In Drawing a Head: Expression and Colour, there will be an emphasis on looking in detail at the individual, the peculiarities and structure of the head, down to the hair and hairline, discovering together as we go.

Perhaps nothing throws up a greater yearning for laughter and prayer in art than national crisis and Britain has endured many. A course for our current political times, Satire and Sacred in Art will have you drawing from locations such as Tate Britain, the British Museum, the V&A, Westminster Abbey and street markets, exploring the attraction of vice and piety to artists.

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Lynch_Sammi (7)

Drawing by Sammi Lynch

Online courses

Develop your drawing through storytelling in Evening Drawing: Immersive Narratives. We will combine observation with imagination, allowing inventions of the mind to take hold and expand the possibilities of image making. Draw inspiration from Greek myths to Grimms’ Fairy Tales, cinematic studies, recreations of renaissance history paintings, poetry and plays.

Join us for Digital Drawing: Life Observed, and you will discover how drawing on tablets and smartphones is proven to be an immediate and exciting way of capturing the everyday. Portable and accessible, they have the added advantages of limitless colour choices, layering and the ability to work in low light.

In Drawing Landscapes, Gardens and Natural Forms, students can draw views from windows, still-lives of potted plants or the landscape of their own back gardens. You will consider the aesthetic function of natural forms; what is it that resonates in us?

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