Autumn Term 2020

Bookings are now open for Autumn Term! We return to our Shoreditch studios with both five and ten-week courses in drawing and continue online with courses in drawing, printmaking and sculpture. Autumn also sees the return of our Out of House courses in the museums, galleries and streets of London. Read on for more details...

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Autumn Term 2020

In the Studio

In order to give students the fullest choice and flexibility for the Autumn Term, we are running courses for either five-weeks or ten-weeks, and some as two five-week courses that can be booked together to make a ten-week course if desired. With a mix of studio-based, online and out of house options, students will be able to build a term that best suits their needs. Please use the location filter on the Public Courses webpage to help find the right course for you, whether it's in our Shoreditch studio, online or out of house.

We are delighted to be welcoming students back to our Shoreditch studios, with many returning courses running for ten-weeks or as two five-week options. Explore, discover, concentrate, contemplate, and identify oneself with the subject through drawing in our Monday Life Drawing and Evening Life Drawing courses. Autumn term gives students the chance to draw again face-to-face from our interesting variety of models, who we have the pleasure of working with, in Drawing a Head: Expression and Colour, and Evening Drawing a Head.  

If you feel you are unable to commit to a full term but are interested in exploring the connections between human and animal anatomy, discovering how colour creates a synthetic equivalent to what we 'see' or instead getting hands on with the materials that make up those colours, then we offer Life Drawing: Human and Animal AnatomyLife Drawing: Colour and Memory and Materials of Drawing: Studio Workshop as two five-week courses which you can join on either weeks 1-5 or weeks 6-10. 

If you are interested in drawing from the life model but would also like to draw London and it's rich variety of urban landscape - you could book onto five-weeks of new course Sustained Poses where the practice of looking for longer allows the artist to discover previously unknown subtleties in the complex structure of the human figure; and also book five-weeks on Local Landscape where drawings on location will be developed into larger ambitious drawings back in the studio - creating your own tailored ten-week term.

Studio and online
To offer students both close and far a chance to take some of our more popular courses, a selection of them are being offered both in the studio and online including: Drawing a HeadThe Studio Room in ColourTransforming Observation: Dreaming, Memory and ImaginationThe Body ClothedMindfulness and DrawingDrawing from FilmDrawing a Story and Drawing at The National Gallery.

Drawing by Yasmin Goodison-Braithwaite

Out of House

After the unprecedented closing of London's museums and galleries, the chance to have that intimate face-to-face conversation between viewer and artwork is an inspiring prospect. Engaging and interpreting these collections through drawing remains a powerful way to unpick the structure and stories behind these works and enrich our understanding of the world, both past and present; Drawing at the National GalleryDrawing at the British Museum and Rhythm, Form, Space: Drawing from the Collection at the V&A will all be running this Autumn Term.

London is undeniably a changed city at the moment and no better way to capture this feeling in time is to draw it. Taking advantage of our mild Autumn weather will be many of our courses that take inspiration from the urban landscape including Re-drawing London: City in TransitionNocturnal Interiors and From the National Gallery to the Street, where insights from the museum can be directly applied to students’ own interpretive responses of the restless city centre. Though we have missed drawing in London's parks this summer, Autumn can be a beautiful time to capture the transition of the seasons and opens up a new colour palette to explore in it's golden hues, take advantage of this with Drawing in the Park or Drawing Landscapes, Gardens and Natural Forms.


Many of our Summer Term Online courses will continue into the Autumn Term, including another chance to take Drawing Graphic Narratives with visiting tutor Sarah Lightman; we also see the return of ten-week Drawing the Graphic Novel which allows students more time to develop their own personal projects in storytelling. Another ten-week course that allows time for a more in-depth look at drawing and it's essential formal aspects is Drawing & Theory with morning presentations and talks given to aid understanding of various concepts. 

Many of our online courses explore drawing, the imagination and the power of narrative in our work, including Drawing: Observation and Imagination and Evening Drawing: Immersive Narratives. This exploration is enhanced by students working from home in spaces that are intimate, safe and rich with memory. We also have new online five-week courses in Drawing Collage and Poetry and Where Drawing Meets Words, both looking at the interplay between visual and textual imagery and textual.

Printmaking and Sculpture
If you've ever visited our printroom you will know it's a great place for the exchange of ideas and techniques but unfortunately not conducive to social distancing, so all of our print courses will be remaining online. However, we accept this as a challenge to open up the study of printmaking, it's interplay with drawing, and show it's breadth and inventiveness accomplished without a press. See our printmaking courses here.
Last but not least, Drawing & Sculptural Forms is back for the Autumn Term as a ten-week course; many artists have worked between the two areas of sculpture and drawing finding the relationship between the two and three-dimensional a rich source of ideas.

With such a rich programme on offer we hope you will be inspired to join us this Autumn...