Water Memory

Drawing by Lily Irwin

Autumn Term runs from 27 September - 4 December

Autumn Term 2021 sees the launch of our new purpose-built Gallery Studios in our Shoreditch campus, transforming the ground floor of the building into two large well-lit studios and a flexible exhibitions gallery. Keep an eye on our Instagram account to hear about what we have planned for the launch in October and to see behind the scenes as the building work progresses over the summer…
With more courses on offer than ever before, the Autumn Term programme includes a combination of studio-based, out of house and online courses that draw upon the different strands of the School’s curriculum and continue to develop a focus on diversity, wellbeing and climate and the environment.

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New and Returning Courses
Our Free For London Art Students courses are also re-starting, allowing students to join us once again for free weekly in-person printmaking and life drawing in Shoreditch.

To launch the new Gallery Studios we are running a number of four-week courses, starting in October. Enduring Motifs Through Time offers the opportunity to delve into some of the symbols that reappear in art history across cultures, using them to inform our drawings and charge our own creativity. The Importance of Touch in Mark-Making explores the bodily process of drawing, bringing our attention back to touch after over a year of tactility being taboo during the pandemic. Subject Revealed: Drawing and Memories explores how memory can ignite our drawings from life, making them unique to us and giving a greater sense of the individual artist. 

Another addition to the Autumn Term programme is Out of House course, Satire and Sacred in Art, examining these two artistic strands which are integral to our culture, seemingly opposite yet closely related. Students will work from the collections of Tate Britain, the British Museum, the V&A and venues as varied as Westminster Abbey and street markets. 

We’re delighted to announce that after over a year of closure due to Covid-19, our print room will be re-opening with daytime and evening Printmaking courses on offer for students of all levels of ability. Autumn Term also sees the return of our Drop-in courses, meaning you can now join us to draw without booking in advance.


Don’t forget, all term time courses have a wide range of concessions available, from discounts for NHS workers, teachers and Tower Hamlets and Hackney residents to those on Job-Seekers Allowance and Disability Support. See the full list of concessions here.