Autumn Term 2022

Our Autumn Term 2022 public courses have opened for booking!

We have a vast array of courses to stretch, reignite and transform your drawing practice, whether learning in our studios, from your own home, or with sketchbook in hand on the streets of London.

Autumn Term Public Courses

19th September - 26th November 2022

Sammi Lynch

Shoreditch studios

New courses
Working directly from the model each week, join Portraits: Drawing and Monotype to learn how the unique, one-off process of monotype printing embraces aspects of both drawing and painting, incorporating the bold and the subtle with a very particular surface texture.

If you have an open mind and are ready for a challenge, join us in our Shoreditch studios for our new Drawing Laboratory. A series of exercises will isolate, examine and force engagement with different aspects of drawing; each week will be focused, directed and a surprise.

Returning courses
We are pleased to welcome back The Materials of Drawing to our studios, where students can learn to prepare their own inks, painted grounds, pastels and printing materials that can be used when working from the model and then forevermore in your future artistic practice. Drawing people is, after all, a marvel – marks on a piece of paper recreate a person seen, and also carry the imprint of the person seeing. You can explore this marvel further through intense looking, understanding and making marks in The Person Observed.

If your interests lie more in art history, together we can delve into some of the symbols, motifs and architypes that reappear. Why do these symbols have power? How do they drive myths and storytelling? And which ones still resonate with us today? Find answers to these questions and more, in Enduring Images: Stories of Art.

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Shana Lohrey


New course
Explore how stop frame animation has the extraordinary ability to unlock imagination in The Moving Image: Drawing into Animation, where you will draw in flipbooks, metamorphosing objects and moving through 3D space, work from life models and experiment with paper cut outs, animated objects, plasticine, sand, charcoal on paper, gouache paint on glass and the interaction of changing images with sound.

Returning courses
Evening Drawing: Immersive Narratives is designed to develop your drawing through narrative and storytelling, from Greek myths to Grimms’ Fairy Tales. Each week students will create their own scene to work from, combining drawings with text to create narrative from the sublime to the mysterious.

Drawing Landscapes, Gardens and Natural Forms returns as a 10 week course, where students can consider the aesthetic function of natural forms; and consider what is it that that resonates in us?

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Kitty Rice


Re-Drawing London: City in Transition returns for Autumn Term, centred upon London’s dynamic environment where the passage of time is visible in the city scape and you can bring it to life on paper against a backdrop of changing landscape, architecture and weather. Equally challenging is capturing night time scenes. Nocturnal Interiors will help students to feel comfortable drawing in busy London interiors, encountering the night space as an enclosed self-contained world, in constant motion. Continue our out-of-house exploration of London with City Gardens and Greenhouses, drawing exquisite plants in the Victorian Greenhouses of Kew Gardens, from the views atop Primrose Hill, at the lakes and gardens in Regent’s Park and other inner-city parks.

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