Joana Galego: Sir Denis Mahon Award Exhibition 2019

Spring and All

17 April - 4 May 2019

Joana Galego studied on the Royal Drawing School’s postgraduate programme, The Drawing Year, and is the 2018-19 recipient of the Sir Denis Mahon Award. The Sir Denis Mahon prize of £10,000 is awarded to an outgoing Drawing Year student each year to enable them to continue their practice. As an artist as part of this award they are also offered a solo exhibition. She previously studied Painting at the University of Lisbon before moving to London for The Drawing Year.

Joana Galego: Denis Mahon Exhibition 2019
''It's easy you see'
Joana Galego, Oil on canvas, 168 x 152 cm, 2019
© Joana Galego / Courtesy the artist

'The Sir Denis Mahon Award gave me the opportunity to dedicate twelve months almost exclusively to the development of my own work – an intensive period of learning and growth in which I was able to spend most of my days in the studio exploring the combination between observational drawing, painting and memory. It is also thanks to the award that I had the chance to stay in London, close to the inspiring group of artists and friends who I met during The Drawing Year and who continue to influence my work. The present show is the conclusion to an important and formative year in my life, marked by multiple changes in my visual language, my approach to materials and conceptual concerns - one that provided me with plenty of questions and clues about what is next to come.' 
Joana Galego, February 2019

Open - Monday to Friday 9am – 9pm and Saturday 4 May 9.30am – 4.30pm
Closed - Easter weekend (19-22 April)