Sargy Mann Exhibition: In-conversation

In conversation: Jonathan Watkins, Semir Zeki and Robert Pepperell

A discussion on art, visual perception and the seeming paradox at the heart of the work of Sargy Mann.

The late paintings of Sargy Mann are great examples of the fact that ‘seeing’ is not a simple thing and that it happens in the brain not just in the eyes. This event will explore ideas around visual art and visual perception, looked at from the perspective of art, both contemporary and historical and also the science of perception. It will also perhaps help to explain the idea Mann was so fascinated by, that art can teach us how to see, that through the practice of understanding art and making art we can literally alter the way we perceive the world for the better.

This event is part of the exhibition 'Sargy Mann, Late Paintings' at the Royal Drawing School.

Semir Zeki is a world renowned expert in the study of the visual brain. He is perhaps best known as one of the pioneers of neuroaesthetics - the scientific study of the neural bases for the contemplation and creation of a work of art.

Robert Pepperell is an artist, writer and vision scientist, currently involved in developing a new form of pictorial perspective based on the phenomenology of visual perception.

Jonathan Watkins is the director of Ikon Gallery in Birmingham, he was previously curator of the Serpentine Gallery and of numerous international events over the years, from Sydney to Turin, Sharjah, Milan and Venice and most recently the Quebec Biennial. In 2012 he curated the Guangzhou Triennial titled 'The Unseen' which looked at the complexity of ways of seeing.