Spring Courses are now open

Our Spring Term 2022 courses are now open for booking! We are delighted to be continuing with a diverse mix of in-studio and online courses. Due to popular demand there are now more options for evenings, daytimes and weekends. 

Spring sees the long-awaited return of some in-studio sculpture, and some welcome new additions exploring animals in art, nurturing physical and mental wellbeing through drawing, and learning how to really see our subject.   

More details below... 

Spring Term 2022

17 January – 26 March 2022

New courses: In the Studio 

Evening Movement and Mind is designed as a drop-in to flow around your schedule. Some classes will begin with Yoga practice to open, ground and undo tension, whilst others will explore how to unlock focus, attentiveness, and creativity through short meditations, followed by drawing from the life model.  

Yoga, dance and Tai Chi will also be a focus in Drawing The Figure in Motion, as students will learn to capture the essence of movement, increasing their vocabulary of mark making and thereby coming closer to finding their own personal language as artists. 

One Day One Pose will give students the consistency of one model in one pose for the whole day, allowing time to see more and work with the challenges that we face in the drawing. 

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New courses: Online 

Drawing: Animals in Art will explore how the animal has been seen as a sacred symbol and often revered as divine throughout art history, from the cave wall to the Cretan vase, the Egyptian tomb to the Venetian lion.  

Using the fluid and dynamic qualities of Watercolour and Ink, students will learn how to relinquish some control and work in collaboration with the medium, leading to exciting discoveries and enjoyment of the process. 

And join us on a Friday daytime for Drawing a Head: Expression and Colour, where we will consider; what makes someone look like themselves? Searching for a likeness is not just about capturing someone’s features, but the tilt of their head and the expression on their face. 

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Returning courses – studio and online  

We are thrilled that The Language of Movement in Sculpture will see 3D forms created in the studio again. Each week students will make a figure sculpture from a sometimes still, sometimes moving life model, supported by drawing that addresses a new approach, giving life and energy to the static material of sculpture. 

For five weeks, travel (remotely) across the world in West Meets East: Drawing from Museum Collections. Students will make sketches and sustained studies from prints, drawings, paintings, sculpture and ceramics, not simply to duplicate the masters but to transcribe and translate into an individual style and language or simply as a departure point for further study. 

Explore comics, comix, cartoons, graphic novels, diary drawings and zines in Graphic Narratives, now on a Tuesday daytime. All of these forms give spaces to a story, your story or any story you want to tell during this course.  

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What direction will your drawing take in the new year?