Summer School Online 2020

6 - 31 July 2020

Summer School 2020 takes place online this July with four weeks of intensive five-day courses. These courses give you the opportunity to experience the many different approaches to drawing with a variety of tutors on The Drawing Marathon or to expand your skills into painting, sculpture or printmaking in a live and intensive online learning environment.

Summer School Online offers students five-day courses in a range of disciplines. These courses all use drawing as the foundation for exploring ideas and taking them into new mediums. Delivered through a combination of live online tuition, working from live models, and art historical resources with time for observational and imaginative work in the home studio.

There are a variety of painting courses looking at diverse subject matters and approaches: from examining colour and tone in Painting a Head; looking at the essence and characteristics of landscape in Painting: Landscapes, Gardens and Natural Forms; or creating a paradise of visual richness in Painting: The Studio Room in Colour

In Sculpture: One Week One Figure, students will focus on the body, interpreting it anatomically, artistically and culturally through drawing and model making resulting in one final sculpture by the end of the week. Transform your drawings in Printmaking at Home which will show the versatility of block printing and monoprinting and the complex prints you can create, all without a press.

Drawing Comics and Graphic Novels will introduce beginners to graphic storytelling and for those with projects already underway, it is an opportunity to reconsider process and experiment with technique. A different subject will be explored each day in Mindfulness and Drawing and through daily meditations, you will develop a more intimate relationship with the subject, the drawing and ourselves.

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Drawing Marathon 1 & 2
Monoprint with drypoint by Alice Macdonald

The Drawing Marathon

Taught by over 20 different members of the Royal Drawing School’s faculty, with a variety of live online drawing experiences every day, this course is for anybody who wants to immerse themselves in the collective energy of an intensive drawing course and significantly improve their drawing skills. Students will be able to curate their own programme of drawing sessions from those on offer each day: drawing from models, the self, film or imagination, from objects in our homes, our gardens or landscapes around us, and from art in galleries and museums utilising their vast online resources. Students will also have the opportunity to explore experimental printmaking and its relationship to drawing.

Individual guidance will be given throughout the course, there will also be opportunities to participate in group discussions with each day culminating in a critique of students’ work. Some sessions will also include lectures by leading art historians, curators and practising artists. Students can sign up to the first or second week of The Drawing Marathon or choose to do the full two-week marathon.

Challenge the way you see and draw on our intensive Drawing Marathon.

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Public Programme Assistant Manager, Elizabeth McCarten answers some of your frequently asked questions.