Summer School 2021

Summer School 2021 takes place online and in person (from our Shoreditch studios, print room and out of house) throughout July. These five-day intensive courses, ranging across disciplines, use drawing as a foundation for exploring different ideas, themes and mediums. 

Summer School 2021 runs from 5 July – 27 August.
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A Good Find
Drawing by Kathryn Maple

Shoreditch studios
In the studio, Drawing the Human Anatomy will work from the life model, skeletons and casts to develop an understanding of the layered structure of the body, enabling students to draw with more conviction and flexibility. The Drawing Week is an intensive course structured around different drawing experiences every day, designed to keep students on their toes, awake and alert to all the possibilities of drawing. Using the  newly re-opened print room and the third floor studio, The Etching Week will study the main intaglio methods of etching, aquatint, sugar lift and dry point; experimentation and spontaneity will be encouraged. Out of house, Painting in the Park takes students to the green spaces of London, seeing how they evolve from spring to high summer, with the aim of equipping students with the confidence and practical knowledge to go out and work in any environment that inspires them. 


Our online courses, devised for remote learning, are taught live on Zoom. Painting: Landscapes, Gardens and Natural Forms uses the views, still lives and plant life available to students from their home offering practical advice on working and painting from nature, in its ever-changing glory, whether indoors or out. Drawing: Collage, Poetry and Imagination will awaken the possibilities of seeing the world around us afresh and finding that we can record our perceptions of it in ways we never imagined. Students will think about how poetry can be a mirror to the world, and how responding to poetry can be a very fruitful starting point for drawings. Evening online course Mindfulness and Drawing will teach students to use mindfulness to develop and deepen their creative process. Each class will explore a different theme with the aim of developing a more intimate relationship with the subject, the drawing and ourselves. 


The Drawing Marathon Online
The Drawing Marathon Online is for anybody who wants to immerse themselves in the collective energy of an intensive drawing course and significantly improve their drawing skills. The course is taught by over 20 different members of the Royal Drawing School’s faculty and students will be able to curate their own programme of drawing sessions. Courses include: drawing from models, the self, film or imagination, from objects in our homes, our gardens or landscapes around us, and from art in galleries and museums utilising their vast online resources. Students will also have the opportunity to explore experimental printmaking and its relationship to drawing. Students can sign up to the first or second week of The Drawing Marathon or choose to do the full two-week course. 


Young Artists Summer School

9th - 27th August

This summer we are very happy to be able to be able to invite Young Artists back to our Shoreditch studios. Students will be able to return to a creative and productive studio environment, with Covid-safe measures in place, to draw alongside their classmates and benefit from in-person teaching. 

Our week-long drawing courses have been designed to provide an opportunity for focussed and engaging drawing tuition, helping children to develop their skills, build confidence and meet other young people with a passion for drawing. 

We are also running a three-week intensive portfolio preparation course for students who are considering applying to art school.

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