Summer School 2022 takes place in-person (from our Shoreditch studios, print room and out of house) and online throughout July and August. There are five-day intensive courses for adults and young artists, across a range of disciplines and with a variety of approaches. Read on for more details...

'Refer a Friend' Offer

To launch Summer School this year we are offering you the chance to paint, draw and print alongside a friend this summer. 
The offer entitles you and a friend to a 15% discount each on one upcoming Summer School course. It could be the same course or two different courses, and the friend must not have previously attended a course at the Royal Drawing School in order to be eligible. 

Get creative together this summer! Apply for the offer here.

Disclaimer: This offer does not include Young Artists Summer School courses.

Christina Kimeze Summer School 2022
Drawing by Christina Kimeze

Summer School 2022

4th - 29th July

Shoreditch studios
In the studio, Experimental Printmaking in the Life Room will create an active dialogue between drawing and printmaking, as the group responds directly to the model through a wide range of intaglio, relief, stencilling and monoprint processes. One Week One Pose will allow students the time to fully explore responses to the subject, and to experiment with different ways of committing to paper or canvas. Beginning with a visit to the Klimt/Schiele Drawing exhibition at the Royal Academy, The Contemporary Portrait: Drawing and Painting will be taught by two artists, each with a different approach to working from the head, and will develop both perceptual skills and a personal language in response to the sitter.
Out of house
Painting in the Park will allow students to respond by making direct paintings on the spot which can be developed back at the studio or seen as an end in themselves. After this course, students will have the confidence and practical knowledge to go out and work in any environment that inspires them.
Our online courses are taught live via Zoom, and are an excellent way to learn with us if you live outside of London, have access needs or just prefer to paint and draw from your own home. 

Evening Flux and Flow: Watercolour and Ink will encourage students to develop strategies for handling and harnessing its fluid, unpredictable nature; learning to collaborate with the medium and bring discovery and the unexpected into their work.

Everyone has a story to tell – sometimes it just needs to find the right form to come alive. During Comics and Graphic Memoir: The Self as Subject, we’ll be exploring structures such as diary comics, thematic memoir, personal myth, dream, anecdote, free-writing and 'free-drawing' to enable students to find new ways to get their experiences on the page. In Painting: Landscapes, Gardens and Natural Forms, students will consider the aesthetic function of composition and how to place natural forms such as trees and clouds, and architecture in space; what are those elements that resonate in us?
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Weekend Drawing Marathon

The Drawing Marathon Online

4th - 8th July and 11th - 15th July

The Drawing Marathon is for anybody who wants to immerse themselves in the collective energy of an intensive drawing course and significantly improve their drawing skills. The course is taught by over 20 different members of the Royal Drawing School’s faculty and students will be able to curate their own programme of drawing sessions.

Courses include: drawing from models, the self, film or imagination, from objects in our homes, our gardens or landscapes around us, and from art in galleries and museums utilising their vast online resources. Students will also have the opportunity to explore experimental printmaking and its relationship to drawing. Students can sign up to the first or second week of The Drawing Marathon or choose to do the full two-week course.

Young Artists Summer School 2022

Young Artists Summer School

8th - 26th August

This summer we are pleased to be offering a range of week-long drawing courses that will see young artists exploring the streets and hidden histories of London, observing our natural world and creating 3D costumes and sets for the art models to bring to life. These courses  are designed to provide an opportunity for focussed and engaging drawing tuition, helping children to develop their skills, build confidence and meet other young people with a passion for drawing. 

We are also running a two-week intensive portfolio preparation course for students who are considering applying to art school or going into a creative career.

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