Summer School 2016 2

29 April - 6 July 2019 

10 Weeks / 5 Weeks / Drop-Ins

This summer The Drawing Development Summer Programme returns, an intensive course with one-to-one tutorials and art historical lectures designed for students who want to progress their practice and build a portfolio.

With brighter days on the horizon, students are encouraged to explore the city. New course Local Landscape on a Tuesday creates a dialogue between the quick, information gathering drawings made on location and more ambitious large-scale work imaginatively brought to life in the studio. Drawing London’s River: From Hammersmith to the Isle of Dogs returns to take students on a drawing exploration of the city’s waterways whilst Turner in London combines drawing from art and drawing outside, weaving together biographies of Turner’s life and the thematic development of his work. Drawing in the Park returns on a Friday and evening course, London in Summer: Drawing by Night delves into the rhythm and motion of the nocturnal city. 

In the Shoreditch studios, new course Life Drawing and Anatomy: Mechanics of the Human Form looks underneath the skin to see how the body fits and moves together, exploring how to give life to drawing. Drawn from Nature returns on a Tuesday, examining Giant Argus Pheasant feathers, whale’s teeth and colourful butterflies and for those unable to commit to ten weeks, Thursday Life Drawing is now split into two 5-week courses. On a Friday, Drawing the Graphic Novel 2 builds on the previous course, encouraging students to find their individual voice in the genre. Evening courses in life drawing and printmaking continue throughout the week and Sculpting the Figure returns on Saturday. 

In West London, courses continue to take place at The London Sketch Club on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and out of house courses including Challenging Interiors, (based at the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum this term), Drawing at The National Gallery, Drawing at the British Museum and Rhythm, Form, Space: Drawing from the Collection at the V&A take students to the city’s most impressive collections at museums and galleries in London.