Summer Term Drop-Ins

Drop-in sessions are available throughout Summer Term until 2nd July 2022. All courses are first-come, first-served, so just turn up and pay on the day. Contact the Public Courses team for more information. 


Evening Movement and Mind (yoga drop-in)

6.30–9pm, Shoreditch Studios (Ground floor), £25 per session
Tutors: Aude Hérail Jäger, Mathew Cunningham

This class relies on the disciplines of Yoga and Mindfulness to remind ourselves that we can also draw, move and breathe from an ever-deeper place within. We may discover that a peaceful quality arises then, which flows in our drawings and our experience of the moment. We will be cultivating this attitude whether from the body or from the mind to slowly recognise that both approaches are interwoven through focused awareness. Alternate classes will start on the floor with a one-hour Yoga practice to open, ground and undo tension, whilst others will explore how to unlock focus, attentiveness, and creativity through short meditations. This will be followed by drawing from the life model – making new connections between the model and ourselves, whilst letting go of our inner critic so we can find more playfulness and enjoy the challenge of the drawing process. No need for previous experience in yoga or meditation; all levels are welcome. 

Free Life Drawing for Art Students
6.30–9pm, Shoreditch Studios (4th Floor), Free for art students

This course gives art students the opportunity for regular life drawing in the studio and is structured to complement the Friday evening free drawing for art students at The National Gallery. Open to full–time registered BA Fine Art or Foundation art students. The evening operates on a first-come first-served basis. Please bring student ID as proof of status  
Please note, there will be no class on Monday 23 May

Free Etching for Art Students
6.30–9pm, RDS Print Room, Free for art students

Etching is seen as an extension of drawing. This class offers the opportunity for art students to learn and explore various etching techniques. The class is only open to full-time registered BA or foundation art students and is suitable for all levels. Places are limited and the class operates on a first-come first-served basis. Materials are available to purchase at a reduced price. Please bring student ID as proof of status 


Life Drawing
10am–5pm, Shoreditch Studios (Ground floor), Tutor: Dilip Sur
£44 Full-Day & £22 Half-Day session

Drawing is to inquire, to explore and to discover a higher new existence within oneself. It is to concentrate, to contemplate, to identify oneself with the subject with which one is engaged. It is to have the courage to take risks, make mistakes, to journey further without fear. We begin our journey with an inquiry into the subject in front of us, which is always seen anew; a study to understand the phenomenon from inside, to examine the reason of how it originated, was formed and is constructed. To acquire knowledge and to know the process, the truth, that creation has to go through in itself, by itself and for itself. There begins a relationship with the subject with which one is engaged, and it is in there that imagination and ideas take their root – a contemplation, an interpretation of the world in a creative exploration. There will be a life model present throughout the course. All levels including beginners are welcome.


Drawing at the National Gallery
6–8.30pm, National Gallery,  £16 per session / Free for Art Students
Tutors: Robert Dukes, Susan Wilson

Drawing from art at The National Gallery is an opportunity to make an intensive study of a particular artist or painting, this is not a course in copying but rather transcription; translating what you observe into your own drawing. These sessions are open to the public but also give London art students the opportunity for free, regular tutored drawing in The National Gallery and is structured to complement the Free Life Drawing for Art Students in Shoreditch on Monday evenings. With the complementary activities of drawing from life and from paintings students develop their work. The meeting point every week will be Room 9. Please bring student ID as proof of status. 

Drawing from Film
6–8.30pm, Shoreditch Studios (4th Floor),  £18 per session / Free for Art Students
Tutors: Thomas Newbolt, Mark Cazalet, Leon Pozniakow

Eisenstein, Satyajit Ray, Bergman and Kurosawa are comparable to that of the great artists of the twentieth century. Exploring a film through drawing, the way we might explore a Rubens or Poussin, gives us the opportunity to see through those great filmmakers’ eyes. Each week a different film will be shown in its entirety, with students drawing either from stills in the studio or from the film in motion. The course is untutored but sessions will be led by three different artists, each with their own take on drawing from film. 

(Please note, Friday 3 June is a bank holiday. No classes will be held on this date.)

Friday Etching Drop-in
10.30am–5pm, RDS Print Room, £26 per session / £13 for Alumni

Untutored session for Drawing Year students, alumni and experienced print-making students (upon recommendation of a tutor).



Saturday Life Drawing
10am–4pm, Shoreditch Studios (4th Floor)
Tutors: Henry Gibbons Guy, Daniel Miller, Sharon Brindle
£44 Full-Day & £22 Half-Day session

There will be a different model each week with a variety of poses, both long and short, and students will be given individual guidance as they work. Open to all levels.

Saturday Etching
11am–4pm, RDS Print Room, £22 per session / £11 for Alumni

Untutored session for Drawing Year students, alumni and experienced print-making students (upon recommendation of a tutor).  

We offer a comprehensive concession scheme on all term-time courses and that includes drop-ins, please visit the concessions page for further information.