Diversity & Equality

Diversity, equality and inclusion - statement and actions

These pages on our website are intended to provide a visible and public platform for communicating with all of our stakeholders on the actions we are taking to promote diversity, equality and inclusion at the School. We will provide regular and comprehensive updates on our progress and have included a feedback email address to ensure that all messages, whether of criticism, advice or support will be heard by the School’s leadership and governance team.

The School is taking two further steps to lay a new foundation for its work to promote diversity, equality and inclusion.

  • By 31st August 2020 we will recruit a specialist external consultant to help us formulate, implement, monitor and communicate an action plan on diversity, equality and inclusion. The consultant’s scope of service will be published on these pages and will include the following areas of review and action (this list is not exhaustive):

    Bringing greater diversity to the School’s teaching and learning

    Enfranchising the views of all of the School’s stakeholders in promoting diversity, equality and inclusion

    Strategic targeting of our charitable resources to help overcome barriers for BAME students who want to learn to draw with us

    Implementing a training programme focused on unconscious bias and broader issues of diversity

    Setting KPI’s to guide, monitor and communicate the School’s progress in implementing its action plan

  • By the end of 2020 we will have broadened the diversity of the School’s board of trustees.

We welcome your feedback which will help us to stay accountable to our community as we look to make effective and long-term change.
Please email actionplan@royaldrawingschool.org