ESMoA Residency

Each year one recent alumni of the Royal Drawing School’s Drawing Year postgraduate programme is awarded a three-month residency in the US at ESMoA in California. Thanks to the generosity of Brian and Eva Sweeney at ESMoA, and our US supporters. The aim of the residency is to support emerging artists.

The ESMoA Artists residency is open to Royal Drawing School Drawing Year Alumni who have graduated from the Drawing Year in the last five years. The residency runs for three months during the summer.  

ESMoA is an art lab that exhibits art works from diverse times and places. They present three thematic exhibitions or Experiences a year. To accompany each Experience, ESMoA provides a range of free educational programming for families, teens, adults, and school-age visitors. Additionally, ESMoA offers a full live/work studio and hosts three to four international artists a year. Artist in Residence (AiR) participants live in the space and have the opportunity to collaborate with ESMoA staff and the El Segundo community on innovative artistic projects and programs.

The ESMOA Residency offers:

  • Three months studio time at ESMoA in Los Angeles
  • Time and space for research, experimentation and a sustained period of working
  • Opportunity to teach workshops
  • Working within an international art community
  • Accommodation and studio
  • Artists networking opportunities

Each artist is provided with a private bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette. There is also access to a roof deck which all artists are welcome to use for cooking and relaxing. Please note that travel is at the artists own cost. 

Further details can be found on the ESMoA website.

Applications for the ESMoA Residency for Royal Drawing School Alumni are now closed. If you have any questions regarding the residency, please contact