Due Diligence Policy

1.    Donations to the Royal Drawing School are accepted on the basis that they contribute towards the general objectives of the School and are in line with our values and mission: 

The Royal Drawing School is an independent, not-for-profit resource that aims to raise the standard and profile of drawing through teaching and practice.  By offering tuition and resources to art students, artists, children and the public, we aim to address the permanent need for high-quality drawing teaching in the UK.

As an independent educational charity, we believe that drawing is a primary language and a crucial route to innovation across the creative disciplines and beyond.  We therefore want everyone, whatever their financial circumstance, to be able to benefit from our teaching and raise funds so that all of our courses are subsidised and include a wide range of full and partial scholarships.

Our Equal Opportunities Policy (downloadable on our website) embodies our vision that equality and diversity are integrated into all areas of the School’s ethos, policy and practice. 

2.    We reserve the right to refuse and/or return donations under the following circumstances:

  • It would be unlawful to accept it (e.g. the gift comprises the proceeds of crime). 

  •  Accepting the donation would be detrimental to the achievement of the purposes of the organisation. This anticipated detriment includes protecting the reputation of the charity and students against adverse public reaction from existing or potential supporters who provide resources that are essential to the financial stability of the Royal Drawing School.

3.    We carry out due diligence appropriate in relation to the size and nature of a donation before accepting funds.   We assess and manage any risks fundraising poses to the Royal Drawing School’s activities, beneficiaries, property, work and reputation.