Anna Ilsley

  • Alumni, 2010
  • Faculty
  • Foundation Year faculty


Anna Ilsley graduated from the Royal Drawing School in 2010. Following The Drawing Year Anna went on the IIFA teaching and artists residency in Modingar, India. She was selected for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries in 2011 and was awarded The British School at Athens residency and bursary in 2013. Anna now teaches at both Drawing School Central and on The Drawing Clubs and continues to be a practising artist.

On drawing

There are a lot of quotes that spring to mind when I try to explain the way I see drawing. One of the most concise is from Tracey Emin, who talked about the directness of drawing as something that travels into your eye, through your brain, down your arm and onto paper. I think there's something in that, and it takes into account the element of paying homage to whatever it is you are looking at and drawing. The interesting bit is how we receive information as individuals and filter it – and how this translates into the wild expanse of how we look and how we draw.

Anna Ilsley