Sophie de Stempel

  • Faculty
  • Alumni, 2002


Sophie de Stempel studied painting at the City and Guild School of Art followed by eight years working for Lucian Freud. She has exhibited at the Albemarle Gallery with Pippa Houldsworth and also Browse and Darby. She has been in mixed shows curated at the Sigmund Freud Museum. She works from life, drawings and memory, often all in one picture to try and bring about something imaginative and surprising. She has lived in France and Spain as well as four years in Morocco, painting.

On drawing

Drawing is a passion for me. I believe many things, ideas, films start by putting pencil to paper. I have always collected drawings and prints; really it is the beginning of understanding how something could be made, the first steps to painting. A bit like the need to see trees in winter, their structure before full bloom, or understanding the inside of a clock.

Sophie de Stempel