Charlotte Mann

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Charlotte Mann is a British artist best known for 1:1 scale black line wall drawings. The works are mainly site specific and the relationship between the figurative subject matter and sculptural presence of the drawing forms the conceptual engagement around which her practice revolves.  She studied Fashion Design at Central St Martins and on graduating worked as a fashion designer and stylist until 2006. Examples of her design work have been in an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a dress she made for designer Russell Sage is part of the Victoria & Albert Museum archive. As well as teaching at the Royal Drawing School she is an associate lecturer at University of the Arts London, working at Camberwell, Chelsea and Central St Martins colleges.

On drawing

The act of explorative creating, inventing, making, in response to an itch or inkling that there’s more interest to be had in something that's caught my attention is one of the things I mean by drawing. It's akin to teasing something out from the back of a radiator, I don't know what it is but I want it; I have to get it out in the open to see what I think.

Drawing is a method of externalising thought and/or experience, originally pre-linguistic and importantly different to written and spoken language. The ability to externalise an idea and make it exist (semi) permanently in the world creates the opportunity for feedback and from there the potential for exploration into the unknown.

Charlotte Mann