Nicola Durvasula

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Nicola Durvasula was born in Jersey, Channel Islands, and studied Fine Art at the Ecole des Beaux Arts du Havre, France, and Kent Institute of Art and Design. During the 1980's, she lived and worked as an artist in Paris, then moved to Hyderabad, India, where she lived for ten years, and was lecturer in Fine Arts at Sarojini Naidu School, University of Hyderabad. Since her return to the UK in 2002, she has given presentations on her work, and conducted drawing workshops in the UK, France and India. Recent solo exhibitions include 'I Am Here', Mirchandani & Steinruecke, Mumbai, 2012, 'Blame it on the sun', Rachmaninoff's, London, 2011, and her work was included in 'Watercolour' at Tate Britain, 2011.

On drawing

From where does a line come, before it appears on a surface? If I were to draw my home, through the fine line of thought, where would I begin? From which angle would I draw it, from what period in my life, and from which world, French, British or Indian? If I were to draw my home at night, when things become mere indistinguishable shapes, how would it be drawn? Would all meaning disappear? 

 – Extract from Nicola Durvasula HOME SPUN, 2011 New Delhi   

Nicola Durvasula