Buying an Artwork

Dec. 11, 2023

The Drawing Year 2023 End of Year Exhibition sees our Shoreditch gallery filled with over 400 drawings and works on paper by our graduating students. All works in the exhibition are for sale ranging from £75 - £3000. Hear from recent buyers about what makes an RDS artwork so unique and see a selection of works available to buy...

Etching of two men moving a painting

Oliver Hoffmeister, Man Handled, Drypoint etching, 29 x 38 cm - Edition of 12, £175.

Buying a work of art is a special experience - from a sea of images, the eye catches one and is drawn in. Perhaps you were looking for something, perhaps not. What sparks the connection is not always easy to put into words, but a relationship is drawn between artist and buyer.

The Drawing Year 2023 Exhibition is unique in many ways, firstly there is the opportunity for buyers to invest in an emerging artist at the start of their career. Not only does this support the artist as they establish themselves but secondly, buyers and collectors have the opportunity to take home an affordable artwork by artists who will later see their career soar. 

Here, Bettina von Hase tell us more about her experience of buying from our students:

"My involvement with the Royal Drawing School goes back about 20 years, six of which I happily spent as a trustee. As an art advisor and writer – I have my own company, Nine AM Limited – I have always been drawn to the creative process. The most rewarding aspect of my work is visiting artists in their studios, observing the mysterious and sacred atmosphere in those hallowed spaces. Artists do not let visitors into their studios lightly; you have to earn your presence there, win their confidence and trust.

At the Royal Drawing School, there are many extremely talented students at the beginning of their careers, and it is fascinating to see them nurtured by the teachers and subsequently flourish. I acquire works whenever I can, whether for my clients or for me personally, and I’d advise any collector, whether emerging or seasoned, to do the same. The Royal Drawing School is open to all collectors, whatever their budget. It is a joy to go to the exhibitions and private views the school stages; there is truly something for everyone. I buy in-depth when I love an artist’s work, and this is what I advise my clients to do.

I am proud to own work by, in no particular order, Tim Patrick; Joana Galego; Caitlin Stone; Kathryn Maple; Deanio X; Gideon Summerfield; Clementine Bedos; Jessie Makinson; Holly Mills; and Frith Angell. I’ve had such a great time getting to know them. They’ve all had solo shows, and in some cases won major awards and representation by major galleries. Their progress is astonishing. So, the earlier you buy, the better. The work is nuanced, fascinating, ever evolving, and I watch carefully for new developments."

Portrait of a man in blue pencil

Oliver-Bijan Daryoush (aka 'Bijan'), Untitled First Draft IIII, Oil pencil on paper, 60 x 42 cm, £600.

“I love going to the end of year student exhibitions as the students are there with their work and you can meet and talk to them about their work…every year I buy something.  Last year I bought something large and very impressive by a young artist called Luca Guarino.  I have no idea where I am going to put it but I love it.”  

Katrin Henkel (buyer)

Snowden-Fine_Lily 11 (Part 1 and 2)

Lily Snowden-Fine, Take Care, Oil pastel on paper, 26 x 39 cm x 2, £700.

"Collecting from the RDS artists is such a unique experience in that the artist, the School, the collector and society all benefit.  I have enjoyed being part of this community, getting to know the artists, and watching their growth." 

Heathie Cox (buyer)

Ajilore_Jesse 2 (CH)

Jessie Ajilore, Justice, Acrylic and ink on cardboard, 10 x 15 cm, £640.

Heckmatt_Fabian 10

Fabian Heckmatt, Plasticine Sculpture, Colouring pencil on paper, 52 x 90 cm, £800.

Cornelius_Caroline 13 SALONWALL

Caroline Cornelius, Mother's Load I, Mixed media on paper, 38 x 56 cm, £1000.

Martin_Juan 1 (CH)

Juan Martin, The Entrance, Oil pastel on paper, 32 x 48 cm, £780.

Park_Chi 26

Chi Park, A Lost Dog, Oil pastel on paper, 30 x 42 cm, £300.

Xia_Chengwei 14

Chengwei Xia, Sleeping and Waking I, Watercolor on paper, 22 x 30 cm, £380.

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The Drawing Year End of Year Exhibition 2023
7 - 19 December 2023
Royal Drawing School, Shoreditch
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