Private Tuition

Drawing Pods

What are Drawing Pods?
Drawing Pods are bespoke drawing courses or workshops for groups or individuals taught by Royal Drawing School faculty who are all practicing contemporary artists. We organise corporate workshops, bespoke workshops for groups, life drawing in schools, drawing courses in museums and galleries, drawing workshops at events and festivals and private tuition. Workshops can be held at your place of work, in your home, in a hired space or at your event, or in our fully equipped studios. 

Proceeds from bespoke drawing courses will go towards funding the Royal Drawing School’s charitable programmes.

Private Tuition
For those keen to develop artistic skills in the privacy and convenience of their own home or for those who are unable to attend a public course, we offer Private Tuition. Taught by our experienced drawing tutors and developed to suit your requirements, these courses enable students to benefit from individual attention as well as receiving guidance in the development of their personal practice. 

How it works
Private Tuition could be structured as regular weekly sessions; as a curated short course running over a period of several days; or as a one-off one-day workshop. These can either be one-to-one or in a small group with your friends or family. We have tutors based all over the UK and in the past we have also run private courses internationally. We will guide you through the various options available to you including studio set-up, tutor availability, required materials, and programme duration and intensity. Should you not have the space to accommodate a workshop at your home, our studios are available for bookings during the holiday periods. Private tuition is available to those 18 years and above.