Online Short Course FAQs

Our online courses are for anyone aged 18 years and older interested in learning new observational drawing techniques, or keen on expanding their drawing practice from the comfort of their own home. The courses run three terms per year, in ten and five week blocks, one class per week. We also run intensive one week online holiday courses in the Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays. 

Online courses seek to replicate the format and experience provided in our physical studios as much as possible, while being specially adapted to online learning. The teaching is delivered live by tutors in our distinguished faculty of 75 practising artists, on platforms such as Zoom and Padlet.

Online Short Courses

Q. What do I need to join an online course?

All you need is a computer, laptop or tablet that has a webcam, microphone and speaker, a connection to the internet and some space and materials for drawing comfortably at home. The courses are taught using Zoom and Padlet and information sheets and online guidelines are sent to students prior to the course beginning.

Q. How are the courses run?

Usually each class will start with an introduction from the tutor around the theme of the week. There will likely be some warm-up drawing exercises before you are given a longer task to do in your own space at home. The tutor will always be there during class time if you need any support or guidance while you work. There might be a mid-point of the lesson where the tutor will ask everyone to come back online together and check on your progress, and at the end of each class there will be a group critique where you can all see each other’s work and get some feedback from the tutor and your peers.

Q. If I miss a class, can I watch a recorded version?

Unfortunately not. Our online classes are taught live at scheduled times (GMT) each week. They are designed to be as similar to an in-studio art class experience as possible. If you need to miss a week of your course, you might be able to access some resources from your tutor via Padlet to catch up in your own time, but you cannot watch a recording of the whole class.

Q. How do I join the Zoom class?

You will need to download Zoom onto your computer or laptop. The Zoom link and password for each day will be posted on a Padlet noticeboard that will give you access to the class. All you need to do is click the link and you will be able to join the meeting. Students will need to log on promptly to Zoom each week. Full instructions are given in the Online student guidelines prior to starting your course. 

Q. What is Padlet?

Padlet is the online noticeboard we use for our online courses. It allows tutors to upload resources, images and links to support their teaching, and students to easily share photos of their work and comment on other students’ artwork.

Q. Daytime online courses run from 10am–5pm – what will I be doing during this time?

Most of the time during the online class is for you to spend drawing at home! Sustained drawing takes a lot of dedicated time and concentration, so we allow enough time for you to get the most out of your class, just the same as if you were attending a studio-based course. As mentioned above there will also be activities such as warm-up exercises, tutor-led discussions and group critiques during each week of your course.  

Watch Elizabeth McCarten, our tutor and Public Programme Manager talk more about our online courses. If you have any further queries about online learning, please email