Saadia Hussain

Saadia Hussain is an artist and art teacher. She joined a number of online courses from her home in Pakistan during the 2021 Spring Term.


Which online courses did you decide to book and why?

During Spring Term 2021, I joined a five courses: Drawing and Theory; Where Drawing Meets Words; Imagination and Observation; Studio Room in Colour and Drawing Colour and Composition.

I booked these courses because I wanted to improve my existing knowledge of the use of colour in my work; mainly how to control my palette, and how to mix and combine the various colours to give a different hue and shade while drawing. In order to express my feeling more vividly through the use of the different colour effects reached by experimenting in this manner. Moreover I have developed my imagination through observation as well as creating stories in my studio practice. 

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Tell us about the experience of the courses and the aspect that you enjoyed the most

It was pleasant and surprising experience from the start. The other students on the courses came from the variety of different backgrounds, all different ages, nationalities, professional backgrounds and ethnicities. Each participant contributed in a unique way which has both refreshing and added new perspective to the ongoing tutorials. The different tutors in turn also contributed immensely in helping me to broaden my horizons on the subject of drawing. Overall it was a pleasurable and professional rewarding course for me as an artist. 

What was is like to be taught online via Zoom and Padlet?

Initially it all felt very new in comparison with my previous experiences of learning. However I soon found the new method to be quite interesting especially as the Zoom closed captioning enabled me to engage in the course more easily with regard to my hearing loss. The captions which appeared during the tutorial helped me to interactively participate and learn more effectively. The Padlet media enabled me to study and learn about the different methods and techniques used by different artists over the ages.

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What were you hoping to get from the courses?

My aim was to try and understand the process and methods by artists teaching or residing abroad. In particular the UK, where a number of well reputed art college are located. I achieved this aim by coming to understand and absorb the various techniques and advice imparted by my tutors during the duration of my course.

How have the courses helped to develop you drawing practice?

I feel that the courses have opened my mind to a great degree. In terms of enhanced knowledge and awareness with respect to the dynamics involved in drawing, and can teach my students in the University in the Northern and rural areas of Pakistan. First I used to draw on the digital prints but now I shall only focus on drawing and paint on the surface of the paper and canvas in my studio practice.

Why do you think drawing is important?

Drawing enables a person to express his mind, feeling and thoughts in a physical manner through the use of colours and other mediums.  I am thinking of further to research in Drawing from this Institution.

What advice would you give to other students who are considering joining online course?

I would say that by opting to join a course, they will have a chance to greatly improve their current knowledge and talent with respect to drawing. The interactive sessions will definitely widen their mental canvas and help answer their queries related to the field of drawing.