Young Associates Explore is open to students aged 15 - 18 (in school years 10 – 13) who have a passion for drawing and a desire to improve their skills through exploring a range of traditional and contemporary gallery and museum spaces in Central London. 

Taught by professional practicing artists, the weekly class will lead students through a range of observational drawing exercises to create a portfolio of high-quality work.   

During the course of the term students will study from a wide range of resources (such as drawing, sculpture, painting, architecture and historical collections) and engage with works through drawing and discussion to broaden their contextual knowledge whilst image making. 

Each week the group will meet at a new location and the schedule will be likely to include the V&A museum, the Wallace Collection, the Wellcome Collection and the British Museum, and on occasion draw outside.  In addition a selection of contemporary spaces such as Victoria Miro, Serpentine Gallery, Gagosian, Blain-Southern and Parasol Unit will be made according to the exhibition programmes. 

All materials for classes are supplied. 

All locations will be in zones 1 and 2 and a full schedule will be issued in advance.  Students will be able to familiarise themselves with a good range of institutions, broaden their knowledge and draw as a small group in these exciting locations.  

The school is committed to making all courses offered affordable and available to those who have a passion and aptitude for drawing. Therefore we offer a number of 50% and 100% means-tested scholarships for each course. We welcome applications to the Young Associates from all young people with a talent and passion for drawing who are able to commit to regular attendance.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship place please complete the application form. You do not need to book separately through the website and we will contact you if we need any further information.