Italy and the luck of ‘the draw’: Marzia Faietti and Linda Falcone in conversation

Autumn Term, sees the return of the Royal Drawing School series of Creative Conversations; online dialogues between artists, curators and writers. Curated by Dr Claudia Tobin, lectures are held Wednesday evenings live on Zoom. 

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The masterful efforts of Italy’s greats, including Andrea del Sarto’s Renaissance ‘Workshop in Action’ and Vasari’s take on Bronzino, will be at the forefront of this conversation exploring highlights of Dr Faietti’s multi-faceted career as an exhibition curator, dedicated to bringing the art of drawing into venues of worldwide renown. The conversation’s focus will include the challenges confronting today’s restorers of art on paper and examine the graphic arts of Florence and Bologna from the 1400s onwards, as well as the current research aimed at discovering and understanding what Dr Faietti calls ‘the graphic line’.

Italy and the luck of ‘the draw’: Marzia Faietti and Linda Falcone in conversation

‘Study of Figures Behind a Balustrade’, c. 1522, Andrea del Sarto. J. Paul Getty Museum.

Art historian Marzia Faietti was director at the Uffizi Gallery’s Prints and Drawings Department. Since 2018, she has continued scientific collaborations with the Uffizi Galleries for special projects like the Rome exhibition commemorating the 500th anniversary of Raphael’s death, entitled Raphael (1520-1483) and the Euploos project for the digital cataloguing of drawings. Marzia Faietti is a research associate at the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz—Max-Planck-Institut. She teaches at Università degli Studi di Bologna and Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano. She has curated and co-curated groundbreaking drawing exhibitions around the world in museums such as the MMA, the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Louvre, the British Museum and the Ashmolean Museum of Oxford. Among her vast areas of interest are fifteenth and sixteenth-century drawings of central Italy, with an emphasis on Ferrara and Bologna.

Italy and the luck of ‘the draw’: Marzia Faietti and Linda Falcone in conversation
'The Drawings of Bronzino', 2010 volume accompanying an exhibition held at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Author Linda Falcone is creator and coordinator of ‘Restoration Conversations’, a project sponsored by Calliope Arts Foundation, which advocates and documents the restoration of women’s creative achievements in all fields. Former director of Advancing Women Artists (2007-2021), Linda is the author of several books on Italian culture and co-author, with J. Fortune, of Art by Women in Florence and When the World Answered: Women Artists and the 1966 Flood, which became a PBS documentary.

This event is created in collaboration with Calliope Arts Foundation, an organization based in Florence and London that promotes and advances public knowledge and appreciation of art, literature and social history from a female perspective, through restorations, exhibitions, education and cultural initiatives.