Digital Streaming Studio - Live Lunchtime Drop-in Drawing

RDS Digital Streaming Studio

RDS Digital Streaming Studio 

It's back! The RDS Digital Streaming Studio allows you to join our community in real time, via live-stream technology, from wherever you are.  Experience our tutor-guided lunchtime and evening drawing sessions, broadcast from our studios in  London, using specialist filming equipment and allowing perspectives only possible online. 

Live Lunchtime Drop-in Drawing the Figure
Tuesdays, 1 – 2pm (GMT) 


An hour of drawing in your day can not only develop your drawing skills but also promotes a more relaxed state of mind, reduces anxiety, develops problem solving skills and can simply just be fun! These lunchtime sessions aim to provide a brief interlude of creativity and concentration through drawing in the middle of your day.

With a focus on the human form, each session will give you the opportunity to observe and draw from a live model from the comfort of your home or workplace. An experienced drawing tutor will guide you through a variety of long and short poses, focusing on different aspects of the body.

Using specialist filming equipment, students will have access to multi-angle perspectives, dramatic lighting set ups and zoomed in frames, only possible online. 

All you will need are the simple materials of a pencil or charcoal, a rubber, sharpener, some paper and a board or table to work on.

Each week will have a different theme:

  • Line - balance and stability

In this session, with the aid of a grid, and using just line, we will look at the relationships of forms within the body that provide balance and stability. 

  • Tone – relationships of form and space

By de-saturating the scene digitally we will have the chance to observe tone and different levels of contrast within the figure and the surrounding space. (Preparation of a mid-tone charcoal ground encouraged)

  • The head

Zooming in and up close on the head, we will observe the structure and relationships of the head and shoulders from various angles, supplemented by an anatomical understanding.

  • Hands

A focus on the complexity and subtlety of hands in various natural positions. With a brief look at the anatomy of our hands and use of the grid, we will consider structure, gesture, individuality and expression.

  • Feet

A focus on the structure, flexibility and stability of the feet in conjunction with the rest of the body. We will observe the mechanics of the feet in stepping up and down and also how drawing the feet can help define space.

RDS Digital Streaming Studio 

You can book these sessions individually, or you can buy a 5 session pass which gives you 10% off.  

These sessions are designed so that students can engage with whatever materials they have to hand: pencil, biro, crayons. Below is a suggested material list that will allow you to get the most out of the classes.

Our suggestions include: Charcoal, Graphite Stick, Drawing Pencils, Coloured Pencils, Pastels, Ink Pens, Conté Crayons, Putty and Hard Erasers, Pencil Sharpener, Sketchbook, Paper in various sizes – we suggest A3 – A1, A Drawing Board or large book to lean on.


5 sessions over 5 weeks - drop-in on one or join all five!

Share your work on social media with the hashtag #RDSLiveStudio