Summer Term 2024

Our Summer Term 2024 public courses are open for booking!

Summer Term 2024 
Monday 22 April – Saturday 29 June 2024

Summer Term sees the introduction of new courses, a return to working outdoors, and the continued development of our online programme. There are over 100 courses in drawing, printmaking and sculpture to try this summer, all with different approaches, taught by our expert faculty of practising artists. We also have a full programme of weekend drawing courses for Young Artists.

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New courses:

Michelangelo and Life Drawing in collaboration with the British Museum is a live online drawing session that will provide unique access to exhibition footage and exclusive insights from curators, allowing students to get under the skin of Michelangelo’s work. 

Drawing: The Artist's Narrative with Sam Marshall and Perienne Christian, an online course designed to help you take your work from sketchbooks to a final piece or series of works that will reflect your own inner world.

Experimental Environments: Drawing a World in Flux with Mark Cazalet and Deanio X immerses students in a sensory atmosphere curated with props, lighting and rhythmic sound, encouraging an imaginative studio journey, where we will pay homage to world cultures and environments through evocative scenes, improvisational poses and experimental drawing.

Drawing London’s Parks: The Green City with Danny Markey and Fraser Scarfe London is designed to explore, through drawing, the rich green spaces of the city, and the important function they play within our urban environment.

Drawing the City: Panoramas and Skylines with Martin Shortis and Jeanette Barnes will use a dynamic and creative approach to drawing, to explore the character and variety of the city by making the artist the viewpoint; reinterpreting the historical idea of a panorama.

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