Useful information


Suggested materials/things to bring:

  • In the winter it is does get cold so bring suitable warm clothing/outdoor wear and waterproofs
  • In the summer there are mosquitoes so bring insect repellant, it gets very hot so it is a good idea to a bring sun hat, plenty of sun tan lotion and swimming things.
  • Torch - it's very dark walking around the estate at night.
  • If you are not driving then stock up on food on the way as there aren't any shops near-by.

The studio is provided with:
Travel easels



There are no shops within walking distance of the Pignano estate, the town of Volterra, which is a twenty five minute drive away, has a small supermarket. The nearest art shop is in Siena (see below), which is about an hour's drive away, so it is best to bring all the art materials that you think you might need with you.

Here are links to some local art supply and hardware stores in Siena and nearby Florence:

  • Ruffoli snc Emporio per le Arti is just outside the city walls, 18 Viale Goffredo Mameli, Siena for more info see
  • Art Shop, Via di Città , Siena, tel. 0577 47088
  • Acquarello Belle Arti is in the historic city centre on 56 Via Terme, Siena, tel 057741346. Open 9:30 am-1:20 pm,  4pm- 7:30 pm. More in for here

There are also numerous cartolerias (paper stores) including:

  • Cartoleria Mariotti, Banchi di Sopra 45, Siena,  tel. 0577280485  (has a lot of large sheets of paper on their second floor, with very reasonable prices).
  • Blu Office,  La Lizza 13/17 (Piazza Gramsci), Siena, tel 0577 41186 
  • Cartoleria Bonucci,  Via dei Rossi 16, Siena,  tel 0577 42114

Hardware Store: 
Ferramenta naldini di sozzi paola e c. sas  44, Via Termini - 53100 Siena (SI) mappa tel: 0577 282155. Please note: closed mid-day, from 12:45 to 3:30

For craft supplies, wood, etc:
Cose di Casa / Mr Brico Via Massetana Roma 50, Siena, tel 0577 226104, 

For hardware, industrial paint, etc: 
Colorama, Via Toselli 106, Siena, tel 0577 285230 

For lumber: 

Legno e....  Via Delle Arti 27, (loc Due Ponti) Siena, tel 0577 530106

Most of these shops are open from 10 am to 1 pm and from 3:30 -6 pm. M-F and Saturday mornings, but call to confirm.

Art Supply Stores in Florence  include:

  • Zecchi Colori e Belle Arti, Florence 
  • Salvini Articoli per Belle Arti, Florence
  • Fratelli Rigaci Articoli per Belle Arti, Florence

Online orders can be placed to many sources including:

  • OPITEC-Italia Srl
  • Belle Arti Lizzani di Lizzani Saverio
  • Amicucci: Materiali e colori per i belle Arti

It is also possible to have supplies shipped to Pignano from other countries, although international shipping is expensive.