International Support

The Royal Drawing School is committed to supporting international artists through collaboration and cultural exchange. To achieve this we rely on the generosity of supporters who see the benefit of cross-cultural associations.

International Artist Residency Fund 

The School also offers a vibrant and growing programme of international artist residencies, ensuring that our resources benefit students from around the globe.  We currently offer our alumni and other artists funded residencies in Italy, Antigua, Scotland, Jamaica and the United States, and are keen to build more international residency partnerships.  Participating artists benefit from opportunities to teach and collaborate with local artists as well as develop their own artistic practice.

We would be delighted to hear from individuals and institutions who would like to help us develop and fund new residencies for our portfolio.

If you are interested in supporting the Royal Drawing School and are a US taxpayers you may wish to make a donation in dollars through CAF America, which receives full exemption from the IRS under section 501 (c)(3).

If you would like to support one of our international funds, or arrange a dollar donation, please contact:

Fiona Fox (UK), Director of Development

Sallie W. McKinney (US)

Fundraising regulator

Royal Drawing School is a registered charity in England and Wales 
(No. 1101538)

For me, an online course is the only way I could fit such an intensive course into my weekly schedule. The students are dotted around Europe and further afield, which gives a great mix of perspectives on drawing and art. I hadn't expected that the support of other course participants would make such a difference. It's a very encouraging and friendly environment. Iain Richardson, The Netherlands Online Drawing Development 2023