Summer School // One Week One Pose: Drawing and Painting

There is something very special about “sustained looking,” coming back to the same thing day after day, and finding it different every time.  The quirks and inconsistencies of perception are something to delight in.  Having one pose for the whole week allows time to fully explore ones responses to the motif, and to experiment with different ways of committing those responses to paper/canvas.  A painting can be a picture of a figure, of the world, but it can also be seen as a diary of little discoveries.   Students can use the week as they will, depending on their own sensibility, speed of working or experience, either working on one painting over the week, or several.  

Through drawing, painting, discussion and colour demonstrations, we will explore tone, colour, light, temperature, spatial relationships, composition and pictorial structure and rhythm. The course is designed for students of all levels, beginners and mature painters alike, with one-to-one tuition given. 

Free charcoal, newsprint and masking tape are provided in the Studios, you can purchase cartridge paper at cost price. 

There is an added Co-Co Bello Solvent fee for painting courses which includes a 200ml pot of solvent to use during the course. Please note that no other solvents will be allowed in the studios, in order to protect not only those with allergies but all who paint within our studios. Co-Co Bello is a plant-based, natural & odourless oil painting solvent. It is a replacement for traditional solvents and thinners such as turpentine, white spirit & alcohol. Co-Co Bello is non-hazardous, non-flammable.

You will need to purchase and bring all other recommended materials with you; a material list will be sent out before the start of the course. 

This course is for students 18 and over. 

Unfortunately, we do not offer concessions on our Summer School courses.

All of our course rates are subsidised and we also offer a comprehensive concessions scheme on our term-time courses. View all course fees and concessions.

Featured image by Joana Galego