Young Associates Royal Drawing School Shoreditch Life Drawing Aged 15 - 18

Saturday Life Drawing is a ten-week taught course for students aged 15-18 (in school years 10 - 13). 

The course introduces students to the professional studio environment where they will draw from a diverse range of unclothed models each week. Taught by practising artists with a wealth of knowledge, students will experience sustained observational drawing balanced with breadth and variety - the perfect foundation for any young artist hoping to take their artwork to the next level.  

The course introduces students to a multitude of techniques to improve fluency and accuracy; the first session focuses on how draw at an easel and develop hand-eye coordination and speed. Each week students will increase their skill in using line, tone and colour to create the three-dimensional form.  

As the course progresses students will develop knowledge and understanding of proportion, foreshortening and how to draw the anatomy. Across the term, students will have the chance to work in an experimental and gestural manner, developing their visual language.  In the final weeks students are able to consider scale and composition and will have refined not just their figure drawing but their picture-making. Whilst the course focuses on exploring the possibilities with graphite and charcoal, other materials (including ink and pastel) will be introduced throughout.   

NB:  This course is particularly useful for those making portfolios for applications to art and design courses. Many universities specially ask for examples of observational drawings. Our tutors can offer help and advice with applications.  

Scholarship places are available when booking the ten-week course.   

For further information regarding our Scholarship process please see the Scholarship page. You do not need to book separately through the website and we will contact you if we need any further information.