Bruce Henman-Lok

Age 17, Young Associates Trinity Buoy Wharf


Q. Who is your favourite artist and why?
Bill Woodrow's somewhat comedic and ironic artistic style of turning machines into other objects that oppose but still relate to the original object (for example making a jaguar out of a taxi door) is very appealing to me. I like machines and tecnology but the idea of turning them into something else, into an art form is unique and something I'd like to try out in the future.

Q. Why did you join the Young Artists?
Young Artists was recommended to me by my GCSE Art teacher, who said that it would strongly support me in my art because they encourage students to experiment in different medias, styles and ways of viewing things. 

Q. Which session did you enjoy at the Royal Drawing School and why?
We recently tried out making our own monotypes in the studio which I really enjoyed. It was my first time and was a medium I didn’t know about before. Making marks and shapes on a panel and it being printed onto paper was really enjoyable. 

Q. How has attending the Young Artists helped you develop your work?
I now view objects not just as something I see but also with a different perspective; how it fits into an environment, how the colours contrast and work with each other and how the shapes and lines within the object can be represented in different ways. 

Q. What are your plans for the future?
So far I'm leading towards a career in music and keeping up art as a hobby but that may change depending on what I do after A-level. I plan on doing a foundation course in an art subject before university.