Caitlin van Bommel

Age 16, Young Associates Shoreditch


Q. Who is your favourite artist and why?

Ismet Jonuzi utilises sculpture as the sum of its parts but also to convey a message - by turning something ugly into something beautiful that nevertheless issues an ugly warning about human cruelty. I love the graphic silhouettes created by his work. By twisting and melting firearms into other objects, they are not recognisable as something deadly at first glance. 

Q. Why did you join the Young Artists?
I wanted an outlet and an opportunity to make art outside of the assessment structure used in school, while also having instruction that would allow me to move outside of my comfort zone and explore new mediums and perspectives, without becoming too wrapped up in my own work. It was also a way to relax and enjoy what I was doing.

Q. Which session did you enjoy at the Royal Drawing School and why?
I really enjoyed life drawing classes with a model, as they are opportunities to approach an interesting subject in different ways and take control over every aspect of the process of creating art. The session we did in ink at high speed was extremely fun and valuable to how I approach a subject.

Q. How has attending the Young Artists helped you develop your work?
It has helped me to stop agonizing over every tiny detail and to really open up and become a lot looser. The longer sessions also help me to stop losing focus halfway through a piece and this has really contributed to my enjoyment of creating art.

Q. What are your plans for the future?
I would love to continue on a path that will let me make art in the future, and I'm really looking forward to being able to build knowledge and experience of art, especially within creative communities. I would like to grow an understanding of the links between art and literature, and the philosophy of creativity in general. Above all, I want to keep drawing!