Ned Mundy

Age 16, Young Associates 


Q. Who is your favourite artist and why?
Something I find incredibly striking is the way Monet manages to create an impressionist piece, while still retaining an air of realism. I feel he conveys the feel of an image, as well as it being realistic enough to engage the viewer.

Q. Why did you join the Young Artists?
I felt that it would be an opportunity to develop my work in a way that I wouldn't be able to if I was merely practicing at home. Not only because it gives me a chance to get some feedback for my work as I am creating it, but also as it allows me to experiment with mediums I would have otherwise shied away from.

Q. Which session did you enjoy at the Royal Drawing School and why?
One session I particularly enjoyed involved the entire group working together on an enormous collaborative still life mural. It certainly was a challenge; we were encouraged to create our images in vastly differing scale. This meant a life size pineapple might rub shoulders with a giant strawberry, which I felt, instead of looking jarring, tied the entire piece together, and made it far more interesting to the eye. 

Q. How has attending the Young Artists helped you develop your work?
The single greatest way it has helped me develop is that I have been able to try mediums I would never have considered otherwise. For example, before I began attending, I had no experience of working with charcoal. But, as it is one of the most frequently used materials in the sessions, I soon had to figure out how it would work. Which resulted in charcoal now being a medium which I enjoy working with at home.

Q. What are your plans for the future?
In the immediate future, the biggest development concerning my art will be studying it at sixth form. The main reason I decided to do this is to give myself protected time to create. I am still unsure whether going to art school is something that I want to pursue, but regardless of what path I decide to go down, I hope to continue making art for as long as I am able.