The Royal Drawing School Young Associates: Notting Dale is a full-scholarship programme at Notting Dale Campus in North Kensington, West London.  

This course is designed to support those aged 15-18 (in school years 10 - 13) taking GCSE Art, A-Level Art, and other creative courses during their education.   

The Royal Drawing School is committed to improving opportunities for Young People in Art Education. This is a free scholarship course for young people aged 15 - 18 who have a passion for drawing and a desire to improve their skills.  

To apply for a place on this course please fill in the Young Associates Notting Dale Scholarship Application Form. Places will be offered based on need/first come first serve.  

The weekly class is taught by professional practicing artists, who will guide you through a range of observational drawing exercises. During the term you will draw from clothed models, still life set-ups, draw outside, and work collaboratively with your peers.   

Students will also have access to and be able to draw from a contemporary art collection by world famous artists situated across the campus: Art ( 

You will learn skills that allow you to explore your creativity outside the curriculum while building a portfolio of high-quality work that supports your progress in Arts Education.  

This programme is designed to complement your studies over a whole academic year. We encourage students to sign up for the whole year, and we will automatically re-enrol you each term. You are, of course, welcome to leave the programme at any time if your priorities change.   

All materials for classes are supplied.   

This course will take place at Notting Dale Campus on Saturdays from 2.00pm – 5.00pm.  

Term Dates: 

  • Autumn Term 2023:  23 September – 25 November (10 weekly sessions) 
  • Spring Term 2024: 20 January – 23 March (10 weekly sessions) 
  • Summer Term 2024: 26 April – 29 June (10 weekly sessions)