Buy an Artwork, Invest in an Artist

Dec. 7, 2022

With over 450 works to choose from in The Drawing Year 2022 End of Year Exhibition, and prices starting from under £100, there is no better time to add to your collection and support an artist...


Eloise Lawson (winner of the Cass Art Prize), Waiting to Get Started, oil pastel over etching on paper, 29 x 25 cm, £750.00 Buy now


Julia Peintner, Yellow Study II, mixed media on Japanese paper, 35 x 22.5 cm, £280.00. Buy now


Luca Guarino (winner of the Jack Goldhill Drawing Prize), Primrose Hill II, oil pastel on Khadi paper, 11.5 x 11.5 cm, £120.00 Buy now


Leggy Gordon, Study of a Sleeping Man I, biro on paper, 27 x 20 cm, £140.00 Buy now


Laura Kate Sutton (winner of the Paragon Press Printing Prize), Imminent, watercolour on paper, 55 x 55 cm, £450.00. Buy now


Frith Angell (winner of the Lady Jane Roberts Trustee Prize), Avenue at Southbank, charcoal on paper, 50 x 39 cm, £400.00. Buy now


Keziah Philipps (winner of the Sir Denis Mahon Award), Beyond the Pale, etching with chine collé, 56.5 x 78 cm - Edition of 8, £720.00 Buy now


Louise Reynolds, Almost Ready, etching with soft ground on paper, 20 x 27 cm - Edition of 30, £80. Buy now


Joseph Carag Buhat, Study of Legs, coloured pencil and soft pastel on paper, 70 x 100 cm, £520.00. Buy now


Alicja Biała, Hangover London Fields Grace, aluminium plate (sugarlift) etching on cotton paper, 25 x 24 cm - Edition of 20, £400.00. Buy now


Euan EvansSevered, Varied Edition (Rossen Blue), relief etching with chine collé, 55.5 x 35 cm, £500.00. Buy now


Noemi Conan (winner of the Jack Goldhill Studio Practice Prize), Her, ink and acrylic paint on paper, 59.5 x 84 cm, £150.00. Buy now


Jake Fisk, Dusk, soft pastel on paper, 21 x 29 cm, £340.00. Buy now


Edie Flowers, My Best Foot, pastel on paper, 49.5 x 42 cm, £885.00. Buy now


Al Page, Delegate, ink on Khadi paper, 30 x 42 cm, £620.00. Buy now


Rana Fadavi (winner of the Chairman's Prize), Méditerranée, after Aristide Maillol, oil pastel on paper, 42 x 59.5cm, £1095.00. Buy now


Sophie Nicole Dodds, Clasped Hands, etching on paper, 21 x 28 cm - Edition of 25, £95.00


Dougal Kirkland (winner of the ACS Drawing Prize), Preseli Walk 001, oil and soft pastel on prepared paper, 213 x 80cm, £1,500.00. Buy now

Visit the exhibition in person at our Shoreditch Gallery until 21st December.

19-22 Charlotte Road, EC2A 3SG

Open Monday to Friday 10am - 6pm, Saturdays 10am - 4pm

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